parkurcannen whispered: Will you make a gif of Matty in After Hours when he said "it's hard to find people of quality in this town" (or something along those lines) please?

I gladly would if I had decided to continue this blog. As of a few weeks ago my love and inspiration diminished and I just kinda left it.

Maybe you could get someone else to make it for you? (: Any takers?? 

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Alright guys, so I gave this blog a shot. I didn’t think I would have as much fun as I did making it, but it’s time to say goodbye to it. My love for Awkward. was strong during Season 1, 2, and 3a, but after the misfortune that was 3b I just lost all interest in the show. I’m still watching Season 4, but it’s just not living up to my hopes. So I’m here to tell you I’m closing this blog down unless anyone would care to have it. -But if I am to do so I would like it to go to someone who is going to give it as much attention to detail as I had recently given (not what I am now. last update 2 weeks ago waaat?). 

I hope you all understand my reasoning. It was fun while it lasted and I very much enjoyed being part of the Awkward. community. It was real fun, thanks guys!! 

Anonymous whispered: How do you feel about this season? Honestly idk how I feel about it, I'm kinda bored. Like idk it just doesn't feel like it's exciting, I know the season just started but I felt like other seasons were a lot more interesting even when the season just started


Im gonna be real I only watched the first and second episode so far.  I havent gotten around to watching the last one and I cant watch tonight and if I’m being honest the reason I havent watched the last one is more due to lack of motivation rather than lack of time.  I love the show still and I’m sure as the season progresses I’ll get more into it but at the moment I agree, it is a little boring so far…

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imwhiteyeezus whispered: thank you. that gif set was perfect <3


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As much as I dislike Jenna, I have to give her props for always sticking to herself. Like, she never let anyone walk all over her or bully her endless. I mean it happened, but she always stood up for herself in the end. And I really admire that. 

"all heroes please apply."

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